Monday, March 26, 2018

Pune - Express Book Service

Like we have food cravings, Diksha suddenly had a book craving....very specific, she wanted a Ruskin Bond short stories. We were already at Camp, and this is one craving I don't need a right mood to align into, so off we went.

Lucky for us, GPS gave us options alongside the landmarks and crosswords....and what we picked turned out to be this really quaint book store 'express book service' which enriched the whole book buying experience.... and in more ways than one.

Such a quaint street

It's a store stacked with books just about everywhere. And what's more, it's run by these two ladies, Lalitha and Sheela, a mother in law and daughter in law duo (kind of apparent from the dynamics playing out)

Lalitha, the elderly lady was a total surprise package (blame it on Gujju saree bias). It felt like she'd read half the books in the store, she really knew her books and was able to offer diksha a spread of what she was looking for, Ruskin Bond and beyond.

She's been running the store for over forty years, and she spoke about the issues and the real uphill task of keeping the book store going, and how she prefers sitting here to being cooped up in her apartment and sometimes she'll even stay over..  'she likes to just breath the air of Camp' she said. Was wonderful to get chatting with her.

I asked them both to turn around, and while Sheela gave me a sweet pose, Diksha chose to fully ignore my ask :)

A big bonus.... almost a scream aloud moment...seeing the magazine stand with The Forbes, with Vishakha on cover page! 

While she'd sent me a picture, seeing the actual magazine on stand was a whole different experience (separate post coming up :)

Book buying done, it was raining bonuses.... I'm telling Diksha we should go visit Marzorin, this cute little cafe, and GPS says '3 min walk'.....Wow !

With a chicken sandwich and cold coffee... needed that picture to capture a magic moment

We left, fulfilled and satiated...all cravings met :)

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